What Is Attention Span?

It’s not uncommon to find that you’re unable to keep your mind from wandering. We spend most of our day thinking about something other than what we are doing. We’re so easily distracted from what we should be doing because we have a weak attention span. People with short attention spans are easily distracted and have trouble staying focused without being easily distracted. Attention span is the amount of time you can keep the mind focused on one point without it wandering.

The time differs for each individual, but the truth of the matter is that the untrained person has a weak attention span. Some researchers indicate that a weak attention span can be due to too much tv and internet use. Other underlying conditions can attribute to weak attention span, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). ADHD is a condition that makes it difficult to pay attention, sit still without fidgeting, or keep from being overly active.

Doing school work, working at our place of employment, or doing daily chores requires us to maintain an attention span strong enough to see it through without the mind wandering to another subject. Physical activities such as exercising at the gym, golf, or running require us to hold our attention to what we’re doing as well. Many children have difficulty focusing their attention; this is why children tend to be restless and unruly at times. But studies show that the opposite is the case when children develop healthy attention spans. They tend to have fewer disciplinary problems and less peer pressure issues. 

Studies also show a link between a healthy attention span and success much earlier in life. Attention and concentration strengthen the mind. They are making one better prepared to excel in the business world. Those that train the brain will have sober senses going into the workforce. The ability to control your attention mode, scale, direction, and duration of your attention is the most potent cognitive skill you can acquire and master.

  • The Mode = Whether you are in an Voluntary or Involuntary state of attention
  • The Scale = How much you’re paying attention to
  • The Direction = What you are paying attention to
  • The Duration = How long you can pay attention to something

There is nothing else as powerful and effective as the ability to control your thoughts. There can be no emotional mastery without the ability to direct attention. When you increase your attention span, you will quickly achieve your goals and ambitions. With an increased attention span, you will enjoy what you’re doing much more while you’re doing it. Tasks and chores won’t be so much of a bore. When in control of your mind, you control your world. Life is different for the person that has mastered his attention span. The unruly mind makes it difficult to hold the attention span on the target. Someone can revolutionize life with some simple attention control exercises. There is only one thing we can control our thoughts and our mind. When mental wandering has taken us off course, we are not in control and, we do not own ourselves in those moments.

You want to be the master of your life. You can either be a slave or a master. When you have control of your mind, you are the master. Always strive for higher. Through a longer attention span, you will begin to change as an individual. You will change your life experiences because a longer attention span leads to mental control. You can attract circumstances that will benefit you and renew your life experiences in a short time.

If you can hold your attention on a target for at least ten minutes, you are well on your way to achieving massive goals. A person with that kind of control can get what they want out of life. That person is an unstoppable power. Of course, it takes time and training to advance to high levels, but the sky is the limit to what you can do in business, your social life, and your interactions with other people.

Ultimately, a longer attention span will clear the way for achievement. The results which proceed from the outcome of a longer attention span are many. And we can develop mental mastery; clear the way for almost any achievement, attainment or, discovery within the range of human life and power. We must begin right away to develop this power; for our future success and empowerment.

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