Digital Technology and Social Media Companies have evolved over the past few decades into festering hotspots responsible for a virulently unstoppable worldwide epidemic of mental addiction.  This section is about putting an end to the insatiable appetite for distraction that occurs through unmanaged over-use of digital tech and online media and entertainment.

This page will discuss the world-wide problem of Digital Distraction, the modern-age global plague resulting from a direct, ceaseless attack on Human Attention for the purpose of trillions in profit.  We will explore how modern digital technology negatively impacts attention habits and what to do to make yourself not only immune to it but to increase your quality and richness of your life while using the technology strategically to your own advantage.  While we're working on that, feel free to enjoy the content suggested below...

Involuntary Attention Leads to Short Attention Span

Involuntary Attention: Wild Horses, Monkeys, Buses, and Ships.

Involuntary Attention habits cause the bearer to suffer the symptoms of what's

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