June 2


Digital Distraction is NOT Your Issue.

Digital Distraction is Not the Problem - You are DISTRACTIBLE

You're Unfocused Because You've Trained Your Attention Span  to be Distractable. You'd be Distracted WITHOUT Digital Technology.

Did you know that thousands of years ago, with no industrial or digital technology anywhere in sight, people were complaining about Attention Spans and the inability to focus, and the inability for others to pay attention, concentrate, or focus?

The Modern Cry of 'Digital Distraction Epidemic' is an Entrepreneurial Farce.

The common song of Psychologist, Therapists, and so-called 'Distraction Experts' today is that your Attention has been STOLEN by digital technology. Countless articles on the topic and researchers (who often get paid by the digital tech companies) make the case that you should...rely on digital technology in order to wean yourself of an addiction to it. It's a con job from the very people who started the problematic trend in the first place.

Are you really so naive as to believe that companies like Facebook (Meta), Microsoft, and Google want you to use their products less? Of course not. They hold daily meetings where anybody who doesn't bring in more tech-addicted customers are worried about being fired. 

Nobody Wants You To Pay Better Attention, Except to Their Products.

These companies are not in your corner and they don't care a single bit about the consequences of you pouring your life and your wealth into their bank accounts. Fortunately, they are not your problem. You are. 

It's YOUR Attention, under YOUR command. You are totally and inarguably responsible, even if you didn't know any better.

You are responsible to fix your Attention habits because none of the people who work for the Screentime Industrial Complex are going to sit down with you and teach you how to do it so that you can stop paying them subscription fees.

The Global Attention Disaster is Really Marketing Departments Whining.

The TRUE problem is that you are DISTRACTIBLE in a world that is completely steeped in distraction - surrounded by a populace of 8 BILLION other victims of what Science claims is a shrinking Attention Span. Sadly, this new doom is based off the fact that multi-billion-dollar companies are frustrated because you're not spending enough money or buying enough products in response to their marketing. These panicking experts are basing their schtick on the fact that you leave boring web pages full of sales copy before buying something.

Your 'Time on Page' is shrinking - their clicks and sales are shrinking - not your Attention.

That's really what this 'Distraction Epidemic' is all about. That's why its being promoted - because marketing researchers work to figure out how to sell more, thus fund brain researchers to figure out why.

Brain researchers claim that our demanding more content, in shorter bursts so that we can move faster from distraction to distraction, is evidence of an Attention Disaster in the making.

Nonsense. It's a Marketing disaster. Attention itself is just fine, and if we're going to be honest, the issue is not Attention Spans, but useless, distracting products from greedy, insatiable, desperate corporations having no morals but the bottom line.

It's Your Attention Span - You Can Start Expanding it Today!

You still have all the Attention you need. More than enough, in fact. After all, you are alive. If you are alive, you possess Awareness, and if you're aware - which you are - then you are attending and ALWAYS using Attention, even when distracted.

The problem is not that your Attention has been stolen, BUT THAT YOU, PERSONALLY, ARE DISTRACTIBLE, like everybody else. You're not abnormal.

Unlike in the past, when the average person still had to deal with the duty of mental focus without intruding technology, there are now THOUSANDS of forms of distracting influences forced into our lives from infancy.

The problem is growing worse by the year, and at an accelerating rate because fundamental law of Artificial Intelligence-driven digital technology is to always expand the customer base 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, and to market relentlessly so that their distraction-inducing products follow us from cradle to grave.

Make the Move from Attention Span Rookie to Attention Span Professional.

When you become INDISTRACTIBLE - when you go from Attention Rookie to Attention Professional, then no amount of digital technology can throw you off course or cause you to fall into addictive, unproductive, LIFE-WASTING screentime.

Attention Rookies are victims of distraction today, yesterday, and two thousand years ago. The solution is simple.

Go from Attention Rookie to Attention Pro. Train your Attention. Master its use.


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