November 13


The Biggest Reason for Mental Exercises for Better Attention Control

Better Attention Control Frees You From Blind Mental Slavery

"So, T, tell me again why you keep harping on using Mental Exercises for learning how to pull myself out of my own head and back into the Present Moment?

     Why do you keep saying that these Direct Method (non-computerized) techniques are for learning how to DETECT myself getting lured into THOUSANDS OF THOUGHTS DAILY (along with their accompanying drama, stress, and compulsions), how to REJECT that constant temptation, how to DISCONNECT from that kind of mental event and then how to REDIRECT my Attention where it is supposed to be? "

Well, glad you asked. The biggest and most important reason (other than the long list of mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, etc. benefits) is so that you can stop allowing yourself to be possessed by something stupid, cease being the slave to the stupid masters that rule over you without you realizing it, stop doing the stupid things they trick you into doing, and gradually become your own intelligent, kind, loving master.

This is so that you can have the very rare opportunity to understand that 99% (plus) of the world's population walks around in a state of mental hypnosis, completely unaware of the internal (mental) forces that drive them to do what they do, behave as they do, and feel as they do.

This is so that you understand THE EXACT CAUSES OF YOUR DISTRACTION and free yourself from mental slavery and the multi-billion dollar industries that profit from your ignorant servitude to their self-serving agendas.

It is my job to advise you on how to separate yourself from the ancient, worldwide pandemic of blind human stupidity.


Attention Training

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